Three Detriments To Your Dental Health You Most Likely Did Not Know About

There is a lot we do not actually know about our teeth that a Salt Lake City dentist can really help you understand. Teeth are tender things which are actually prone to additional deterioration than we give them credit for. If we aren't looking after them the right way no family dentistry in Salt Lake City is going to be in a position to overcome the harmful affects of bad dental health. Ultimately we need more than Salt Lake City cosmetic dentistry, we need to be smart about caring for our teeth.

Getting whiter teeth is a dream come true for everyone. Bad looking teeth have a negative impact on your appearance and personality. It is not that people are in vain but they generally don't want to make others feel unpleasant about their presence with their yellow looking tooth enamel.

Listed here are three truths that you possibly didn't know about your teeth, but you'll wish to put them into action once you do:

1. Sour is even worse compared to sweet!: Yes sugary treats are harmful to our teeth, we're taught that from the time we've our baby teeth. But the simple truth is, that sour foods, like those containing citric acids, are the worst! They can eat away at the enamel and cause decreased tooth size! Remember candies such as Warheads? Sugary sour candy that can cause your mouth to water, can also cause your teeth to melt, literally! In case you're likely to consume acidic foods, then do it with meals so that it's balanced out by everything else. And chewing gums that contain xylitol helps.

A top rated tooth whitening kit at an affordable price means that you can look forward to having great results with your teeth whitening, whilst also saving cash and enjoying the convenience of undertaking the process yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

2. Enamel breaks: Yeah enamel is the hardest substance in the body, and we take it for granted like we never must! It can actually break and chip just by eating popcorn, ice and most awful of all getting tongue and cheek piercings may seriously damage your enamel.

With the help of mini dental implants people who are having issues with their missing teeth now has solution. The installation of the mini dental implants helps dental prosthesis to be in place with no help from adhesive agents.

3. Fluoride: Though we have fluoride everywhere, even in our water supply, too much fluoride can certainly be harmful to your teeth. For that matter children who are developing their adult teeth and consume too much fluoride can actually develop a disease known as fluorosis, which is a long term spot on their teeth.

If you have uneven teeth and you would want to achieve that perfect Hollywood smile and feel additional confidence, you might be thinking how you can fix your crooked teeth.

Remember that teeth are very important, to our confidence and healthy lifestyle, do your best to take care of them, and let the Avenues Family Dentistry of Salt Lake City do the rest.

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