Several People Are Starting To Talk About The Unique InCareRx Prescription Discount Card Available On The Market.

We are happy to give you and all your family members with our FREE pharmacy program. This card might be used at more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, which includes many major chains.

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This isn't insurance neither does this discount card possess any cash value. Everybody is eligible for this program. There aren't any age or income restrictions.

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This is the InCareRx Prescription Discount Card that offers you with CASH REBATES on a wide range of Brand Name prescription drugs. These cash rebates are provided to you personally through an Official Mastercard Cash Card delivered right to your mail box! No forms or paperwork - only purchase your medications and get your discount and any qualifying rebate! No other drug discount card gives this combo of discounts and money: Discounts at point of purchase cash in your wallet. The InCareRx Prescription Discount Card has got the best general savings and worth of any drug discount card in America.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the InCareRx Prescription Discount Card replied.

How can I use this discount card?

Just print this card and take it to any participating pharmacy for fast savings!

Where do these discounts originate from?

These discounts originate from a Pharmacy Discount Network.

Why is this free?

Because of our close connection in the pharmaceutical industry, we will bargain for affordable prices for our members!

Should I keep my card once I use it the first time?

No. Once the pharmacist has saved your card information in their system, every time you return to the pharmacy your discount will instantly take place.

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Is there a maximal use of the benefits?

No. Not like insurance, utilization is inspired as it directs visitors to participating provider locations. Your family might use the advantages as many times as required. There are no restrictions on usage.

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Is there a claim form to fill up?

No. There are no claim forms or any other documents to file.

May I use this discount card with my deductible?

Give your pharmacist with both your insurance card and this discount card and inquire which one will save you the most cash. In case you have a high deductible our card will lower the cost of your prescriptions, causing you to be far away from meeting your deductible. In case you have any query please contact the Help Line at 800.286.9589.

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Is there a pre-existing condition exemption?

No. Unlike insurance, discount programs don't require workers for claims adjudication, nor is there a requirement for cash reserves as there is no threat.

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