Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Children Does Develop For The Same Causes As With Adults

What is post traumatic stress disorder in children? Post-traumatic stress disorder is described as the development of psychological signs following a traumatic situation. This condition was actually first identified as far back as World War 1 where soldiers were observed to be suffering anxiety, flashbacks and also nightmares that lasted weeks, months and even years following the experience of combat. In those days this problem was labelled shell shock.

CBT techniques, or "cognitive behavioral therapy techniques," speak of the various methods employed to redirect or change human behavior. Usually when someone is undergoing CBT techniques, the objective of the cognitive therapist is to transfer the patient into a more positive direction.

Post traumatic stress disorder in children could present itself in anyone who has experienced extreme trauma. This trauma can be anything which generates intense fear or terror that can include assaults, rape, violent crimes against yourself or close members of the family and would include natural disasters just like earthquakes, extreme flooding, plane crashes etc. The signs of post traumatic stress disorder in children seem to be more severe as well as last longer if the trauma is personal as in the case of sexual assault or other violent crimes.

Modern-day living has led to stress becoming more widespread and is simply taken for granted. There are so many situations that can set off its effects and a number of these can be long-term.

Typical signs are:

- Flashbacks - these feel so intense you feel you are reliving the trauma

- Bad dreams - really common in post-traumatic stress disorder

- Loss of interest in actions you previously loved

- Persistent anxiety

- Inability to get enough rest - constantly waking up throughout the night

- Irritability - including outbursts of anger

- Feeling detached or perhaps estranged from other folks including members of the family

- Constant upsetting thoughts of the traumatic event

- Avoiding activities that can possibly result in the traumatic event occurring once more

To be medically diagnosed as having post-traumatic stress disorder the signs must have been present for a minimum of a month and be causing you excessive distress while interfering with everyday life to a large degree. Victims of this problem tend to have signs of depression and also persistent anxiety symptoms. When other folks died as a result of the trauma then guilt is another main symptom with the patient maybe having feelings of blame or responsibility for the event or merely feeling guilty that they have survived.

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