Disney World Secrets - Essential Details You Need To Know Before You Go To Disney World

Below are several Disney World secrets that everyone should know before planning your trip. Heading to a Disney Resort can often be a very expensive trip. The three tips below will help you started so that you can experience an amazing vacation for much less.

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1. Off Season Offers: Most people know that going just about anywhere in the off season is going to save you money; for Disney World this is from August 24th thru September 20th. What many people don't know is that during Disney World's off season you are able to eat free at a Disney Resort. Given that meals can be one of the most expensive items on a vacation, this is a juicy tidbit that might make it possible for households to save a little and have a great vacation they otherwise couldn't afford. Hotel and package rates are typically lower as well so if you are able to plan your trip during the off season, you will be in for some great savings.

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2. Buy Souvenirs for Much Less: Of course you have to bring home some great souvenirs from your trip, but these souvenirs don't have to be bought from inside the park. If you are able to sacrifice and buy offsite, you can spend far less on Disney items. Pick up souvenirs before you enter the park and you will pay $3 for a T-shirt rather than one that will cost you $30 inside. When inside, there are some great deals at Mickey's Mart in Downtown Disney; everything at this store costs $10 or less, this is just one of many secrets of Disney World that will save you a ton of money.

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3. Stay On-Site: Lots of people contemplate whether to stay off-site or on-site when they plan their vacations. What most assume is that it has to be less expensive to stay off-site, but on the contrary, driving and parking will end up costing you much more. There are many value properties, like the All Star Resort or Pop Century Resort that are as cost effective as an off-site hotel; off season you can book a room for as low as $89 a night. Don't be fooled by logic and what appears to make the most sense, do your homework and shop around and you will be able to book a holiday you can afford.

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This article divulged some Walt Disney World secrets that everybody can use to save on their next trip to the Magic Kingdom. Be sure to search for off season offers if you have the ability to be flexible with your vacation dates. Purchase souvenirs outside of the park if you can and shop around for on-site specials at hotels; often times these locations are competitive with off-site hotels and will save you money in the long run since you will not have to worry about driving or parking costs.

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